Why Jarfly?

“Jarfly” is a common Appalachian term for the cicada. The metamorphosis of the cicada — a creature that spends up to 17 years underground before emerging, sprouting wings and joining in flight and song with thousands of companions — is a magical thing, and in a lot of ways it parallels the transformation of the brewery building and the creation of a local craft brewery.

One of Pulaski County’s early entrepreneurs, Abe Goldenberg, launched his family furniture business at our location back in 1904. Jarfly Brewing Company is proud to have reopened the doors of this historic downtown retail hub and start a new tradition devoted to a traditional craft — brewing local beer. Craft beer is made with the union of traditional ingredients like malted barley, hops, water and yeast. At Jarfly Brewing we’re expanding these traditions and fermenting distinctive flavors that satisfy the thirsts of our customers while challenging their ideas of how good a beer can be.

Goldenberg’s Furniture closed in 2009. As part of our renovation efforts, we’ve peeled off layers of time to reveal this building’s beautiful interior structure. The bench seating and table tops have been hand crafted by a local artisan with the wood we reclaimed from the original Goldenberg’s showroom. The centerpiece of our bar is the two-ton safe that was used as part of the store’s operations since the early 1900s.

We invite you to join us at Jarfly Brewing as we make some magical memories in Lake Cumberland’s first craft brewery. We’re open Tuesday – Friday 4-11 pm, Saturday 1-11 pm, and Sunday 3-8 pm.

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Jarfly is music and pet friendly!

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Hours of Operation

Closed Monday. Open Tuesdays – Fridays 4-11 pm, Saturdays 1-11 pm, and Sundays 3-8 pm.


Jarfly Brewing Company is located in the historic Goldenberg furniture building across from the old Pulaski County Courthouse.

103 E. Mt. Vernon St
Somerset, KY 42501

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